The SIS Global Forum University Competition is now open. The best abstract submission of innovative applications of Schlumberger Software will be selected, and the author will be invited to present at the Forum in Paris - travel,registration and hotel expenses will be covered by Schlumberger.


For students to participate, they have to submit an abstract that demonstrates innovative utilization of Schlumberger software within their academic training.


To enter the competition please submit an abstract at .


Abstract are due March 31, should be in English, contain no images, and be no longer than 400 words.


For more details see the attached files.

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The Faculty Council Approved at its meeting held on 14.02.2017 to grant the Master of Engineering student:Arsany Hany Gerges Department of Computer Engineering And System the theme:

Undercover: Cooperation-based routing protocol for cognitive radio networks.

Under the supervision ofProf. Sohier Mohamed Bassiouni , Prof.Mostafa Youssry Elnianaey

In order to motivate the spirit of Innovation and scientific research among the engineering students, the Egyption Ministry of Defense invites undergraduate students from engineering college all over the world to demonstrate their skills, talent and innovative idea in engineering science in the 2nd International Under-Graduate Research Conference in July 24-27,2017.


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The Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, has the pleasure to announce its organization of the 2nd Unmanned Systems Innovation Competition (UMSIC) in July 22-27,2017,Cairo,Egypt.


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The Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, has the pleasure to organize the  17th International Conference on Aerospace Sciences &Aviation Technology,ASAT-17 in April 11-13,2017.


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