Faculty of Engineering

Mission,Vision and Values

Faculty Mission


To be pioneer in engineering sciences on the Middle East and African levels, in the fields of education, scientific research and community service. This is achieved through the excellence of its staff members, providing educational and research programs besides the distinguished possibilities related to the environment specially desert and marine.

Faculty Vision

First, preparing an outstanding engineer capable of teamwork, innovation and creativity, through continual education, learning, teaching and scientific research. This is besides knowledge exchange according to the highest academic and professional criteria to serve the needs of local, national, and international society. Second, encouraging technical and scientific spread. Third, contribution in developing knowledge capabilities of the society individuals and institutions, enabling them to do continual education.

Faculty Values

Commitment to the principles and values of academic and professional integrity in all Faculty activities. This is besides respecting intellectual property rights, commitment to objectivity in practices, availability of data and providing information on self- performance and knowledge for all society individuals and various institutions. The Faculty is committed to adopt a system that involves ethical principles and rules governing practices on all levels of different fields and systems. This is done to ensure objectivity, controls and tools of accounting and reviewing related to behavior and practices as well as commitment to quality, excellence, innovation, development, freedom of thought and research.

Faculty Goals


By analyzing vision, mission and values, Faculty of Engineering aims at preparing graduates who are able to hereunder:


Commanding modern basic engineering sciences and humanities.

Commanding modern technology and information technology and how to deal with it.

Decision-making, dealing with crisis and solving problems.

Language proficiency required to benefit from knowledge globalization.

Communicating and interacting with and affecting the surrounding community.

Competing in labor market in the light of changing circumstances of the international community.

Applying methods of scientific thinking, analysis and deduction with the desire of continual learning.

Doing academic and applied research in different engineering disciplines.Contributing in serving society and environment by participating in setting future and strategic visions required to sustainable development especially in desert and marine environments.

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