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I am pleased to welcome the visitors of the website of the Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University. The website provides a comprehensive information about the faculty and its scientific and administrative departments as well as research achievements and academic activities. We are talking about the Faculty of Engineering this great institution that includes fourteen scientific departments in various engineering disciplines and six programs with credit hours system that qualify the alumni to face the developments of the labor market and build his future career. The Faculty is always keen to raise the level of the educational process according to the latest regulations in line with international quality standards in addition to continuous upgrading of faculty laboratories in various departments in line with the remarkable progress of our world today, and also supporting the scientific research and encouraging researchers.

Since the Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University has always been proactive in establishing new disciplines needed by the local, regional and international community, despite the uniqueness of the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Engineering. Also with the industrial progress in various areas it was required to establish some specialized programs such as the new six scientific programs with system of credit hours to cover the disciplines of Materials Science and Engineering, Gas and Petrochemicals, Electromechanical Engineering, Architecture and Construction, Computer and Communications Engineering and Petroleum Platforms. All details of each program is available in the website.

Finally, I hope that the visitor will find useful information about the faculty.

Asking God Almighty to help us guide our efforts to success.



Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Dr. Said Allam

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