Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty Council Approved at its meeting held on 09.05.2017 to grant the Master of Engineering Science student:  

Moataz Mostafa Saad Department of Architecture Engineering the theme:

Eco-City as approach for sustainable development. 


Under the supervision ofProf. Mohamed Abdelaal Ibrahim ,Prof. Zeyad Mohamed Tarek Elsayad.

Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering has the honor to hold the 17th Job Fair on May 6, 2017. The Faculty of Engineering has been held annually for the past 17 years.
This event aims to identify the available employment opportunities  to our graduates in all sectors of engineering disciplines required in the labor market. It is considered as a means of real communication between the graduates of the college and many of the industrialists in various industrial fields.

The Faculty Council Approved at its meeting held on 11.04.2017 to grant the Master of Engineering Science student:  

Karim Mohamed Gad Department of Nuclear Engineering the theme

Thorium as fuel for pressurized water reactor (PWR).

Under the supervision ofProf. Aliaa Adel Badawy ,Prof. Hana Hassan Abou Gabal ,Prof. Abdelrahman Elkafas.

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