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I am pleased to welcome the visitors of the website of the Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University. The website provides a comprehensive information about the faculty and its scientific and administrative departments as well as research achievements and academic activities. We are talking about the Faculty of Engineering this great institution that includes fourteen scientific departments in various engineering disciplines and six programs with credit hours system that qualify the alumni to face the developments of the labor market and build his future career. The Faculty is always keen to raise the level of the educational process according to the latest regulations in line with international quality standards in addition to continuous upgrading of faculty laboratories in various departments in line with the remarkable progress of our world today, and also supporting the scientific research and encouraging researchers......... More



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Master Curriculum, Capacity Building and Network Development
in Traffic Safety in Egypt - Jordan – Lebanon

ROAD Traffic


Due to the rise in the number of road accidents in Egypt, there is a need to implement and modernize the curriculums of traffic safety. To realize this goal and starting from its role as an educational and research facility; the Faculty of Engineering- Alexandria University is participating in the MENASAFE project “Master Curriculum, Capacity Building and Network Development in Traffic Safety in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon” , Co-funded by the "Erasmus+ Programme of the EU".  


This project aims to develop a Traffic Safety diploma degree (for engineers and non-engineers) based on the EU standards and experiences in this field. The project objectives may be identified as follows:

1- Design, develop, adapt and implement a new Degree curriculum in the field of Road Traffic Safety within joint efforts between EU anResponsersd EG-JO-LB partner Universities.
2- Launch the curriculum that is compatible with ICT supported platforms. 
3- Produce well-educated personnel that shall contribute positively on economy and society development in partner countries by making road traffic in MENA region safer and sustainable.






This project will produce a multidisciplinary degree that covers and integrates different disciplines within the Transportation Department, Faculty Of Engineering, Alexandria university. The planned degree should attract all candidates working in the field of Traffic Engineering & Traffic Safety.


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For more information, please contact the project's coordinator:
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hosny
Transportation Department  
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                     
Website: http://menasafe.eu/


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Vision ,Mission


First, preparing an outstanding engineer capable of teamwork, innovation and creativity, through continual education, learning, teaching and scientific research. This is besides knowledge exchange according to the highest academic and professional criteria to serve the needs of local, national, and international society. Second, encouraging technical and scientific spread. Third, contribution in developing knowledge capabilities of the society individuals and institutions, enabling them to do continual education.


To be pioneer in engineering sciences on the Middle East and African levels, in the fields of education, scientific research and community service. This is achieved through the excellence of its staff members, providing educational and research programs besides the distinguished possibilities related to the environment specially desert and marine.

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