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Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering Team Wins First Place in "Egypt Summit for Community Investment Projects" Competition

Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, congratulated the Faculty of Engineering team (EFFCT) for winning first place in the “Egypt Summit for Community Investment Projects” competition, launched by the Innovators and Talents Fund, in cooperation with the Hult Prize International Competition Authority. The competition involves student teams at different universities in Egypt, who have ideas and prototypes for community projects in the field of clothing and fashion, which can be turned into startups.
It is worth noting that the three winning teams will be promoted to participate in the regional competition, which is the penultimate stage of the final Hult Prize competition, which will be held in Paris next August, to compete for cash prizes of one million dollars, which will be awarded to the best team in the world that wins the competition, to enable the team to carry out their project.
The Hult Prize competition is the largest student competition in the world, with more than 100,000 students participating after holding qualifiers in more than 120 countries. It aims to develop imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills, in order to solve pressing social problems.
It is noteworthy that the Hult Prize competition is organized by the Hult Business International School, which is a private, non-profit international academic institution, with branches in the United States of America, England, the Emirates, and China. A group of the institute’s alumni have been organizing this annual competition for more than from 10 years.
The concept of the competition is based on the distinguished ideas presented by each team, which contribute to providing solutions to environmental problems, through the manufacture of environmentally friendly products that support environmental and social sustainability. The final national qualifiers of the competition, with prize value of 100,000 pounds, took place among 11 student teams, representing 10 Egyptian universities at the Innovation Centre (IHub) at Ain Shams University. The jury, which included a group of experts and specialists, determined the student teams that won the first three places.
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