Links to services provided .....

First ..
To obtain registration certificates for students of public programs, departments and specialized scientific programs (SSP), just enter the following link: 


Secondly ...
Extracting the case statement (estimates) for students enrolled in the college from the preparatory level to the third year (departments and general programs) until the academic year 2019/2020 and who wish to register on the following link 


Third ..
To print applications and a receipt of payment for certificates (graduation - estimates - hours - scientific curriculum - a statement that the study is in the English language - a five-year study certificate - regularity - a graduation certificate of a current batch) for students of departments and general programs (pre-2020 batches)


Fourthly ...
To print the applications and the payment receipt for graduation certificates only for students of Specialized Scientific Programs (SSP) pre-2020 batches


Note that all the required procedures, payment methods and all payment steps are inside the link