Faculty of Engineering

Research Interests for the Staff

 Mechanical Engineering Department - Fluid Mechanics Group  
 Lubrication, Fluid Machinery Prof. Dr. Essam Salem
 Industrial and Environmental Applications of Fluid Mechanics, Pumps and Lubrication Prof. Dr. Farid Khalil
 Noise in Fluids Engineering, Hydraulic Power, and Gas-Liquid Fluid Interaction Prof. Dr. Kamel Elshorbagi
 Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Transients,   Turbo-machinery, Bio-Fluid Mechanics. Prof. Dr. Hassan Warda
 Experimental Fluid Mechanics Prof. Dr. Sadek Kassab
 Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Transients, Turbo-machinery, Bio-Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Fluid Mechanics Prof. Dr. Essam Wahba
Environmental Engineering, Fluid Machinery, and Renewable Energy Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Nabi
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Transients, Fluid Power Systems, Turbo-machinery, Desalination. Prof. Dr. Ihab Adam
Pipeline Leak Detection, Fluid Transients, Renewable Energy, Turbo-machinery  and Fluid Power Systems. Dr. Ahmed Bahaa
Two Phase Flow, Turbulent Flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics Dr. Islam Reda


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