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The National Competition to select best M.Sc and Ph.D thesis granted from Egyption universities

The engineering sector committee at the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) is announcing and dministering a national competition among all engineering institutions granting postgraduate degrees, to compete for the best Ph.D.  and  M.Sc. theses granted  during the period (1st September-31st August) of the last three academic years (2014/2015-2015/2016-2016/2017).
The criteria for selection of the best thesis will be based primarily on the Sum of Impact Factors (SCOPUS) of International Journals in which papers extracted from the thesis are published. Factors such as patents registered out of the thesis, relevance of research results to the national development plans, number of citations,   etc will be taken into account.
This email is an early warning to all concerned deans of engineering to start preparation and implementation of their own selection process of a maximum of 3 M.Sc. theses and 3 Ph.D. theses to represent their college in this competition.
The official invitation will be announced during the forthcoming sector committee meeting due to be held on Saturday 18th November 2017. The deadline for applications will be the end of November 2017, and the results will be announced by the end of December 2017; during the 18th sector committee meeting.
All state-owned and private universities are included in this invitation: AUC, GUC, BUE, MTC, AASRT, Nile university, Zewail University, EJUST University, Future University, MIU University, Al-Azhar University.  
Please do not forward your nominations now, as we will send a template application after the forthcoming sector committee meeting (18th November 2017). 
Do not hesitate to call me for any clarifications (0122-7394958) 
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