Faculty of Engineering



The department contains seventeen laboratories that serve the two programs and aim to train students in laboratory experiments that serve academic courses, as well as summer training for students. It is also used in community service by performing the necessary tests related to the Engineering Center for Public Service.

  • Industrial electronics laboratory
  • Acoustics laboratory
  • Electronic circuits laboratory
  • Communications lab
  • Electrical machines lab (old)
  • Electronic circuits laboratory
  • Automated control and PLC laboratory (first upper)
  • Central lab for automatic control (ground)
  • Electrical circuits + circuits laboratory for the second year
  • Microprocessor applications laboratory
  • Measurements and electrical circuits laboratory
  • Microwave and photonics laboratory
  • Electrical traction laboratory
  • Embedded Systems Laboratory (ITI)
  • High Voltage laboratory
  • Circuit manufacturing lab.
  • ITI Laboratory, fourth floor
  • Satellite laboratory
  • Electrical circuits laboratory
  • Electrical and electronic measurements laboratory
  • Electronic circuits laboratory
  • Automation control laboratory
  • Electrical instruments laboratory
  • Electrical power and electrical protection laboratory
  • High voltage laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Power Networks Analysis Laboratory
  • Electrical steering laboratory
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